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Ferrari Testarossa

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Ferrari Testarossa. Through those 11 years, the Ferrari Testarossa sat atop Ferrari’s road car line, and for most of that time it was the fastest regular production car in the world. This design placed the mirror level with the driver’s head. Aft of the support, the rear strakes seem to disappear into the sidepods. It was fitting that Ferrari’s premier car should be comfortable as well as fast, that passenger and driver alike should be cosseted even within the confines of a small sports car. The Ferrari Testarossa cabin is bounded on either side by wide sills to accommodate the doors. To the rear, the firewall separates the cabin and engine bay.

Ferrari Testarossa - Old Cars 11 Old Antique Cars

The seats are electrically adjustable. Like the seats, the doorskins of the Testarossa are covered with luxurious leather extending even to the door pulls. From the top of the front bulkhead hangs the leather covered dashboard. The large speedometer and tachometer gauges dominate the split black facia. Beneath the instruments the adjustable steering column extends a thin rimmed, leather covered, three spoke Momo steering wheel towards the driver. Along with the luggage shelf behind the seats, the Ferrari Testarossa offers carpeted cargo space beneath the front hood. The Testarossa chassis consisted of square section steel tubes arranged in a strong matrix, like a racing car.

Ferrari Testarossa - Old Cars 12 Old Antique Cars

The Ferrari Testarossa had a full tube steel chassis with a removable rear sub frame containing the drivetrain and rear suspension. The result is a passenger cabin with unsurpassed safety and an extremely rigid platform for a car with superlative performance. The car was also given dual fuel tanks mounted transversely between the passenger and engine compartments. This design ensured the car remained evenly balanced as fuel was consumed. The form of the engine and even the fuel system complements the design of the chassis and raises the safe performance level of the Ferrari Testarossa. The drivetrain and rear suspension were directly mounted on the full rear frame.

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